"Crystal Beach's new local hangout!"

The Gulf Range miniature golf course is custom designed to bring in all of the best elements of Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. No matter your skill level, you will get lost in this beach oasis

The course

the entertainment

"Family entertainment with a friendly beach vibe"

More than just a golf course! The Gulf Range is a place for the entire family to escape. Find that long lost yard game you used to play or head into the arcade on a rainy day, all conveniently located at the heart of Crystal Beach, TX

Designed with family in mind and Texas in our hearts, The Gulf Range offers cold refreshments for everyone. The relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the open air bar leads you into the backyard where you can relax under a palm tree

the saloon

‚Äč"Where golfing meets The Gulf "

Family Entertainment Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula